Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Celebrating Art - in Purple!

Hi, my dear friends!
It's been a while since I was posting my project - so I think it's high time to fix this matter, right?
As you may know, I was away travelling and teaching in the last weeks - and now, after getting home I'm trying to catch up with all the important matters such as product designing, projects, and ehm... life? I don't know how it is possible but I still have to do all that boring stuff called "everyday life" - oh well...
Anyway, today I'm back with something I hope you will like - a sample I've made during my "Art Celebration" collage class... and I have to admit I loved it so much I took it home to take proper photos for publication! I experimented with new colour palette and here are the results...

As you can see I wasn't stopping myself when altering the brush - there is plenty of layers, embellishments, details - all that glued down properly with Art Basics Heavy Body Gel, the one-and-only-ultimate-glue-for-dimensional-collage ;) 
All my Prima Mechanicals and Pebbles  - even the brush - are going to stay on this project safely. Believe me - I checked. It was shipped home via Post services - and as you can see it is in perfect condition!

The colour palette, as I was mentioning, was an experiment with shades of blue and purple Art Alchemy Impasto Paints (I was focusing mostly on Cobalt, Aubergine and Heather) with touches of my Waxes on the top. I was asking in one of my IG posts which clours I've picked and not many of you could guess! In fact I've only used 3 colours: Metallique Rose Gold and Metallique Old Silver as a base and a bit of Antique Brilliance Fire Ruby as a highlighting touch.
What do you think about this colour combination? Would you like to try it?

I know it is not possible for me to travel to every corner of the world - but maybe you should check my classes schedule here and see if I'm not closer to you than you think? 
This class I'll be teaching very soon in UK - at Art from the Heart, Harrogate  - first weekend of June - but there is much more happening this year!

For those of you who can't see me in person - there are options too!
You can register to my online classes (listed on the left sidebar of the blog) or join my FB Live Shows - just like this one, happening this Thursday, 24th May. Just jump on my FB Page, join and subscribe and w you won't miss it! Not n Facebook? no problem! Later on I'm trying to add the recorded versions of the show on my You Tube too.
Generally - if you like to be updated more on my current status - travels big and small, latest projects, all the things I'm doing in the meantime, updates from my studio and more - I can only recommend following my IG accounts: @finnabair will give you a peek into my everyday reality and @finnabair_studio - endless flow of inspiration by my Teams, me and all talented fans from all over the world - you can't miss that!

Hope you will follow, drop in and say hi!
See you soon!

Monday, 21 May 2018

My Colourful Summer

Hello everyone!
I hope you're having a beautiful, creative month of May!
Get ready for some more great art inspirations from my Creative Team - today it's Sanda whose new canvas (or rather 3 of them...) is so filled with vibrant energy, it will immediately make you want to grab your paints! :)

*   *   *   *

Hi guys,
Sanda here today, sharing with you a fun and quick little project, very easy and beginner friendly ­čśŐ
With Summer here in full swing, I was inspired to create this mixed media canvas triptych, full of rich and vibrant colours and Finn’s paints goodness. So, let’s play, my friends!
I started by applying a coat of Finnabair's Heavy White Gesso on three small canvases (about 6 x 8 inches) using one of Finn’s brushes.
I dried the gesso quickly with my heating tool and, because I knew I would be working on all three canvases at the same time, I taped them together on the back with some masking tape.
I started painting my canvases using Art Alchemy Impasto paints – for the first layer I chose cool colours (Jade, Green Apple and Azure).
I diluted the paints with a spritz of water and then I sprinkled rubbing alcohol and coarse sea salt to create a lovely texture.
I dried everything with the heat gun, removed the salt and then I applied a second layer of paint, using a warm palette of Impasto paints (Lemon Peel, Raspberry Pink and Crimson).
I also added some fluorescent acrylic ink.
When this layer was dry, I added more paint in different places and then, using baby wipes, removed some of it through Finnabair stencils.
Next, I added touches of white, here and there, sponging Snow White Impasto paint through another stencil.
I drew my cheerful fishes using a handmade template and added some marks using Cobalt, Pumpkin and Crimson.
I painted the background in Jade and Snow White for the sky and Jade, Azure and Green Apple for the sea, using Cobalt for shading.
As a finishing touch I added Jade and Gold Rush Art Alchemy Metallique, sponging through a different stencil and added some doodling with a white gel pen.
Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you’ve got inspired by this project and you are ready to try some of these techniques in your artwork.

“Summer was a book of hope…”
- Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Have a lovely day, my friends,
Sanda xoxo

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Find Your Muse

Hello my Friends!
Every artist needs a Muse and Juliya is here today with the most beautiful idea how to find one! :)
Juliya explains how she created her stunning new mixed media canvas and also shares a video tutorial.
Please enjoy and feel inspired to find your own Muse with us!

*   *   *   *
Today I'd like to show you a new project of mine that I created feeling inspired by a beautiful photo I found on Pinterest.
When I saw this photo, I thought that this is what a Muse looks like. I wanted to make her a special guest on my new mixed media canvas. :)

I thought for a long time how to complement the gorgeous poppies from the photo and make this artwork really unique and special. 
So I added on some cut out poppies and I also decided to use pieces of glass mosaic in a beautiful burgundy tone.
The pieces of mosaic were glued with super strong 3D Gloss Gel and then I applied some Paper Texture Paste to smooth out sharp edges, fill in the cracks and add a bit more texture.
I wanted the photo and the rest of my piece to be really harmonious and to have the colors and textures corresspond with each other.
I added strips of Resist Canvas (there are many wonderful patterns to choose from!) behind my focal image and painted them with acrylic paints - a super quick and easy effect that will help you add great interest to any artwork.
I painted my backround with different kinds of Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints, starting with the lightest tones and then, gradually moving on to the darkest ones.
You will find all the paints I used in the product list below.
Some elements were covered with Black Gesso and then painted and sprayed, but most metal Mechanicals embellishments weren't painted at all. I wanted them to stand out from the background.

Final accents with Art Alchemy Waxes, Mica Powder, Art Stones and Glass Glitter and my work was ready. 
Now my Muse is whispering to me: 'embrace beautiful chaos', 'creativity takes courage'...

Please enjoy my video tutorial, and I hope that you will find your own Muse and inspiration. :)

I really love working with dark backgrounds, all the mixed media and collage elements somehow always look more mysterious this way.

You don't need to cover everything first with black gesso or paint. You can create layers of colors, from light to dark shades.
I find this process very exciting and I think all these dark pieces carry a special charm.

Hope you will try and love this effect too!
Juliya Tirskaya

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